Why I hide the faces of my twin babies – Funke Akindele finally spills

Why I hide the faces of my twin babies – Funke Akindele finally spills

Veteran Nollywood actress and movie producer, Funke Akindele-Bello has finally opened up about the reason she hides the faces of her twin children.

Although films lovers and fans are aware that the legendary movie star is a mother of twins, nobody has actually seen what the babies look like as the actress made it a point of duty to never to showcase her children’s faces on social media.

During a recent interview with TVC, the actress who is married to JJC Skillz explained why she keeps her children’s faces offline.

She said, “I keep my family private? Ah ah, you see my house na. Don’t you see my home? Don’t you know my husband? Don’t you see the back of my children? How is that one private? Ah ah. It’s not private oh, you see everything.

“Okay, the children’s face, is that what you’re trying to say? No. When they’re old enough, they should show their face. If they want to, they should show their face. But for now, I don’t want them to show their face. I want them to have their life, enjoy it.

“Their dad and I are already in the public eye. They’re children don’t forget. They are children. They’re vulnerable so you have to just keep them away, keep them safe. Let them go to school, let them enjoy their life without “Ah! That’s Jenifa’s son. That’s JJC’s son. Ah see his leg, see his face.” Leave them private!”

When asked to list out 3 things fans do not know about her, the actress said, “Three things my fans don’t know about me? I don’t like to go out. I love my space. I love to work so if I’m not working, I’m sleeping, I’m watching TV series, I’m playing with my children, chit-chatting with the family. I’m not really an outgoing kind of person but once in a while I try to go out.

“Second thing: I don’t like to eat meat. I like to eat the bone. If you give me goat meat or chicken, it’s too fleshy. I just take small of the flesh.

“Then the third one? Ha. I think they know everything oh!”

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