Hawker’s Unique Marketing Style Elevates Him from Hawker to Aquafina Brand Ambassador

Hawker’s Unique Marketing Style Elevates Him from Hawker to Aquafina Brand Ambassador

Latiifah Amusan


A humble hawker, known for his innovative Aquafina water promotion techniques, has received an exclusive invitation from the Aquafina company itself, solidifying his status as a beloved member of the Aquafina family.

The street vendor who shot to fame through his ingenious marketing of Aquafina water, walked into the Aquafina company’s premises with an air of royalty after being invited for a significant collaboration.

In a viral video capturing the moment, he proclaimed, “God is the greatest finally we arrive to Lagos to see the Aquafina families.”

Dr H2O’s journey to becoming an Aquafina ambassador began with his captivating and witty promotion of the popular bottled water to bus passengers.

In the video that made him an internet sensation, he showcased an Aquafina water bottle while eloquently extolling its virtues.

He not only emphasized its potential to safeguard the spinal cord and other bodily components but also reassured viewers of its harmlessness and numerous benefits.

His unique advertising approach left bus passengers in fits of laughter and significantly increased sales of Aquafina water.

Dr H2O’s creativity didn’t just earn him customers; it turned him into a social media phenomenon.

Now, with a formal invitation from the Aquafina company, Dr H2O has taken a remarkable leap forward in his journey.

He was recently seen among celebrities at a joyous gathering, signifying his official induction into the Aquafina family.

This transformation has elevated him from being a street hawker to a cherished brand ambassador.

The news of Dr H2O’s remarkable journey has touched the hearts of many on social media.

Netizens from all walks of life have flooded the internet with congratulatory messages and prayers for his continued success.

They highlight the importance of diligence and dedication in achieving one’s dreams.

@prelz properties tweeted, “Seest thou a Man diligent in his business…Keep working, pushing, keep being diligent with the works of your hands, YOUR TIME IS COMING, DON’T GIVE UP.”

@Zaram exclaimed, “The best thing I have seen today.”

@teeto__olayeni shared, “Omg I am sooooooo happy for him. May this be the beginning of greater things in his life.”

@prankhottiee said,“Omg each time I watch this video I will be smiling like a newly wedded woman and also praying for him to get help.”

@queen_annastacyp commented:”This is what social media is all about We are tired of BBL showoff and Hotel rooms.”

@lovecinnammon commented:“This Okoli and many more reasons is why we’d forever be grateful to the internet.”

@mademoiselle marigold said:“When God says it’s time it’s time no one can stop you,his life is about to change.”

This heartwarming story showcases the power of social media in uplifting individuals and changing lives.

Dr H2O’s journey from a humble hawker to an Aquafina brand ambassador is a testament to the incredible opportunities that can arise from creativity, hard work, and the support of a global community united by social media.



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