Users React as Elon Musk Advertises Perfume on Twitter

Users React as Elon Musk Advertises Perfume on Twitter

Boluwatife Adedokun


Users have reacted to the perfume Advert made on Twitter by the world’s richest man, Elon Musk saying, people should buy his perfume so he can buy Twitter.



Elon Musk recently launched a fragrance, the Burnt hair perfume, which he introduced on October 9, 2022.


The perfume produced by Elon Musk’s company, Boring Company, an American infrastructure and tunnel construction services company which he founded in 2016, is sold for $100 each.


Report has it that Elon Musk has sold up to 10, 000 pieces of the perfume, making up to $1m with it.


In his Twitter handle while making the advert, some users took the comment section to advertise their products, saying if he can buy their products, they will also buy the perfume, while some challenged that he has the money to buy it if he wish without waiting for perfume money.


In his reaction, a user, with the username joulia, said “please buy my draw of you so I can buy your perfume”


Also, a username, @anyatrades said, “Hey Elon, will you say $WTR will be turned into X, the everything app? Will you also buy United States Steel to get the ticker $X?



Moreso, a user, FlowzPam Art said, ‘Please buy my pencil art, so I can buy Instagram”


While Nick Pope challenged him of having the money, saying “wait, I thought you had the money for it already”, a user with the username, RAISINI commented “Can’t buy more than 20 bottles and seems like no shipping to U.K. , Elon? still offering you 1.420 Billion to buy Twitter if you follow me”


A user with the name APRIL(Maysage) therefore challenged that if Elon musk can retweet the art work of a guy that drew him, he will buy the perfume.


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