Sharon’s Diary: Episode 11

Sharon’s Diary: Episode 11

Elsie Udoh

I’m getting too old for this diary. It seems petty to have a book where you write every one of your life activities but what do I care, I’m super attached to you. Besides, I still have a lot to fill you in on.

Let’s talk about Mason.

When I first heard that I was pregnant, you can only imagine how I reacted.

Nope, it was worse than you think. I ran mad! I just ran out of the hospital and walked carefreely on the streets crying and laughing profusely.

I was pregnant with a bastard, I thought. I was going to be reminded of my stupid mistake each day, I feared.

And as expected, I tried to end it all. I’ll rather die than bear this child.

Anyways, long story short, none of my suicide tactics worked. Grandaunt Lucy saw to that and I’m glad she did.

When Mason was born, the prettiest thing, I was reborn. His loud and helpless tears as he exited my uterus awakened every tender emotion in me and when I held him in my arms, I hated myself for harbouring the thought of harming my poor little child.

After all, he did nothing to me!

Mason is growing to be very smart and protective even at his young age and I am so in love with him.

I’m determined to continue to make him better. Better than me, and his….

I wonder if I’ll ever heal from that night.

I guess I can only keep wondering until it happens. Or not.

Phew, I don’t know, diary.

This was supposed to be a happy piece.

Bye for now diary.


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