Groom In Shock After He Found Out On Wedding Day That Wife-To-Be Has Two Kids

Groom In Shock After He Found Out On Wedding Day That Wife-To-Be Has Two Kids

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In a viral video clip a young groom was left disheartened when he found out that his bride-to-be is already a mother of two kids.

In the presence of guests, the sad groom screamed loudly, removed his shoes, and cancelled the wedding.

He asked his bride why she didn’t care to tell him she already had two kids, but she was so broken to utter a word to him.

Some guests could be seen begging the groom to forgive and continue with the wedding, but he blatantly refused as he basked himself in his tears.

He find out that his wife to be had 2 kids already on their wedding day

— Eniola (@Enywealth_1) November 18, 2022

But this is not the first time a wedding would be cancelled because the bride-to-be has birthed children for someone else.

In October a groom disrupted his own wedding after discovering that his bride is a mother of four.

In the video, the groom was furious while the bride cried profusely as she followed him around in an attempt to stop him from dumping her on their wedding day.

The bride kept crying uncontrollably despite the crowd’s effort to ease her worries. She couldn’t get a hold of herself as she kept yelling, “I’m finished oh”.

The people present tried to calm both parties down as some pleaded with the groom to stop embarrassing his bride.

“Four years, and she just dey tell me! she just dey tell me, she said she has four kids. She’s just telling me!”, the groom yelled angrily.



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