Sharon’s Diary: Episode 10 (I have a son)

Sharon’s Diary: Episode 10 (I have a son)

Elsie Udoh

Dear Diary,

It’s been a pretty long time here (Five years and a month to be precise).

I spotted you sitting amongst a web of spiders when mom gave me a box of my archives which she left lying around after I relocated.

I missed you, trust me and I never intended to desert you but you know the story.

A lot has happened to me, diary. I’m all grown up now (talking about being a 21-year-old single
mother). Or maybe not so grown. But I’m definitely over my wild moments.

Nope, it didn’t happen through a miracle or some sort of deliverance. As a matter of fact, I got what I so dreamed of! I lost my virginity!

Only, it wasn’t anything like what I thought of, diary. It was the most dreadful moment of my life which still haunts me up till now.

A moment I wish I could rewrite but I guess we all learn the hard way at some point in life.

I’m glad I found you, diary. Slowly the broken pieces are coming back together.

Oops, mummy duty calls! Gotta run.

By the way, did I forget to tell you that I now have a son?

Mason is the most handsome 4-year-old you’d ever seen. His naughtiness just makes him more adorable (wait until he grows up, that’s what everyone keeps saying though).

The circumstances surrounding his birth weren’t so pleasant but at least, he’s the one good thing that resulted from all this.

Till later diary.


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