Man who died of Covid-19 a month ago wins US elections 

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Man who died of Covid-19 a month ago wins US elections

In a surprising twist to the ongoing general elections in the United States, a man who died of Coronavirus infection a month ago has won a seat in his state’s House of Representatives.

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55-year-old David Andahl died of Covid-19 in North Dakota in October while preparing for the elections as the candidate of the Republican party. He however went on to win the seat despite not being alive to occupy it.

By the time of his death, it was too late for his party to change candidates as the window for such had been closed. The party would now decide the next line of action.

The late David Andahl defeated the incumbent in the Republican primaries in June and was looking forward to the election proper before being snatched by death was propelled by Covid-19 complications.

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