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Who wants Mummy G.O. dead?

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“My mission is to ensure that people make heaven,” this viral preaching sensation has told all who care to listen, yet some persons want her dead.

The question begging for answer is who would want the preacher dead? Why would a preacher of the gospel have enemies?

However, Evangelist Fumilayo Adebayo is not your regular preacher, she is ferocious and has continually told everyone who cares to listen about the criteria needed to make heaven. These criteria have since become objects of jokes or so we all thought until now.

The past few weeks have seen Mummy G.O become a viral sensation with many of her preachings coming out as hilarious. In the context of the reformed “member of the dark world”, everybody is probably going to hell. From men who follow football to ladies who wear makeup. People who cut fancy hairstyles and ladies who use hair attachments are equally not left out. Everybody is going to hell.

Her assertion however doesn’t end there, she has also made revelations about her wayward past and how she committed all sort of evil atrocities. In her many vicious revelations, she has also made several accusations revealing names of influential Nigerians whom she alleged were into criminal activities, claims which have however not been substantiated. Monarchs and fellow preachers are also not exempted in her accusations. She claims many of them do varying evil to make money while also serving “Lucifer”.

Mummy G.O.’s revelations know no boundary and as expected Nigerians have adopted it into the latest source for social memes with content creators designing some of her preachings as well as their own thoughts into viral memes.

The last few days have seen Mummy G.O. become one of the most talked about sensation with people sharing diverse opinions about her preachings.

However, for Evangelist Fumilayo Adebayo, her calling is simple. She wants to “reduce the number of people that will go to hell” to the barest minimum. Being someone who has visited hell, she posits that it is no place for humans and therefore wants people to change their ways to avoid the burning purgatory.

Mummy G.O. is the founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God and she believes she has a mandate from God. “My message is to ensure that people make heaven. I want them to avoid things that will prevent them from making heaven, things that will send them to hellfire. My message also prepares people for the rapture because Jesus is coming back, whether people believe it or not,” the preacher has insisted.

The narrative is however changing following revelations that she has been receiving threatening calls. According to her, these calls were coming from her colleagues in the church business who are lamenting that her growing popularity is drawing their own members to her church.

She revealed, “I’ve been receiving some strange calls saying ‘Evangelist Funmilayo you are affecting us. Many of our members hear your message and they pull out of our church. If you don’t stop, we will kill you’.”

She further said, she initially took these threats with levity but she has been seeing strange movements around her.

“I thought it was just a threat until we started seeing gunmen chasing us while driving, coming to our church to threaten us and so on. At times, when I’m inside a banking hall, they take my picture and forward it to me, saying if they wanted to have me killed, they would have done so.”

Again, it is inescapable to wonder why anybody would want her dead for preaching the gospel. Are these pastors she indicted not also in the ministry to win souls? Shouldn’t they be excited if her approach is working faster than theirs in getting people ready for the heavenly journey? Or is there more to all these than meet the ordinary eyes? These and many more questions beg for answers.

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