Who Is Tunde Baiyewu – The Legend That Shared Stage With Asake At 02 Concert?

Who Is Tunde Baiyewu – The Legend That Shared Stage With Asake At 02 Concert?

Latiifah Amusan


At the Asake 02 concert, there was a moment when the past met and cohabited with the present. 

It was a surreal, a moment most attendees of the concert never paid for nor expected. 

It was the moment, Tunde Baiyewu graced the electrified stage with sparkles of light and shouts from the gyrating audience.

For starters, Tunde Baiyewu was the lead singer of Lighthouse Family, the duo that gave us massive jams like High, Ocean Drive and Lifted amongst many others.

Asake’s “sun’s gone shine on everything you do” in his Sunshine track off his new album was lifted from Lighthouse.

Tunde, best known as the lead vocalist of the iconic musical duo Lighthouse Family, his journey has been one of cultural blending and artistic evolution. 

Born in the UK to Nigerian parents, Tunde’s early life was marked by challenges, including the loss of his father and a subsequent return to Nigeria. 

This pivotal move introduced him to a new language and way of life, which later influenced his distinctive singing style.

Partnering with keyboardist Paul Tucker, Tunde Baiyewu formed the Lighthouse Family, a duo that went on to redefine the 1990s music scene. 

Tunde’s unique voice and the duo’s melodic sound struck a chord with listeners worldwide, leading to the duo’s immense popularity and sales exceeding 20 million.

After Lighthouse Family’s suspension, Tunde Baiyewu embarked on a solo career, allowing his musical style to shine. 

His Nigerian heritage continued to be a driving force, infusing his music with diverse cultural influences. 

Tunde’s solo albums, including the introspective “DIAMOND IN A ROCK,” revealed a more personal and soulful side of his artistry.

Tunde’s stepfather, Olusegun Obasanjo, a prominent figure in Nigeria’s political history, played a pivotal role in shaping Tunde’s life. 

From surviving assassination attempts to advocating against human rights abuses, Obasanjo’s journey intertwined with Tunde’s musical path. 

The tumultuous political landscape served as a backdrop to Tunde’s musical pursuits, adding layers of depth to his storytelling.

Despite stumbling into music by chance, Tunde Baiyewu’s destiny as a remarkable vocalist was undeniable. 

Immigrating to the UK for studies, Tunde’s journey took an unexpected turn when friends encouraged him to share his voice. 

Local radio stations and record labels took notice, setting the stage for his future as a musical luminary.

In 2012, Tunde Baiyewu unveiled “DIAMOND IN A ROCK,” a solo album that marked a new chapter in his musical career. 

Recorded in Portland, Oregon, the album’s soulful melodies showcased Tunde’s effortless voice, echoing the enchantment of his Lighthouse Family days. 

Through personal lyrics influenced by marriage and parenthood, Tunde’s songwriting transformed, conveying a sense of reflection and love.



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