National Orientation Agency at 30: A Call for Revamping and Renewed Hope Agenda

National Orientation Agency at 30: A Call for Revamping and Renewed Hope Agenda

As the National Orientation Agency (NOA) commemorates its 30th anniversary, it stands as a testament to its enduring commitment to fostering national unity, promoting civic consciousness, and shaping public opinion.

Over the past three decades, the agency has been a cornerstone in Nigeria’s journey towards nation-building, but as times change, so must our strategies. This milestone calls for a thoughtful revamping and a renewed hope agenda that aligns with the evolving dynamics of our society.

The National Orientation Agency of Nigeria according to wikipedia is the body tasked with communicating government policy, staying abreast of public opinion, and promoting patriotism, national unity, and development of Nigerian society. The motto on its website states: “Do the right thing: transform Nigeria.” Its specific objectives were set out in Decree 100 of 1993 of 23rd August 1993.

NOA as it is fondly called is set out for the purposes Communicating government policy, promoting patriotism and providing a feedback channel on the mood or pulse of the Nigerian society to government, another reason for its establishment was to consistently raise awareness, provide timely and credible feedback; positively change attitudes, values and behaviours; accurately and adequately inform; and sufficiently mobilize citizens to act in ways that promote peace, harmony; and national development.

The agency’s Mission is to consistently raise awareness, provide timely and credible feedback; positively change attitudes, values and behaviours; accurately and adequately inform; and sufficiently mobilize citizens to act in ways that promote peace, harmony and national development.

While its vision is to develop a Nigerian society that is orderly, responsible and discipline, where citizens demonstrate core values of honesty, hard work and patriotism; where democratic principles and ideals are upheld; and where peace and social harmony reign.

It is no news that the National Orientation agency has not been able to achieve its purposes, mission and vision even at 30, very unfortunate successive governments have come with different road map as to how the agency can live up its reason for establishment but all effort has not proven to make it work.

Today as the organisation celebrates its 30years of establishment, one would wonder what kind of achievement would they have told Nigerians they are celebrating with the age where fake news are now becoming more lucrative to consume and disseminated to the public thereby leading to degrading of moral values, public enlightenment have become a major problem especially amongst young people, media organisations are even not helping matters because they only copy and share information with doing enhance due diligence to its content and many more social issues the Nigerian state is currently facing.

In similar vein, just a few days ago, the Nigerian Drug Law enforcement agency who hosted a popular hip hop star, known as Naira Marley where major news has it that the duo was appointed an ambassador to speak against drug abuse which he is known for according to his Marlian ideology of music, later report shows that his visit was only strategic but not on an endorsement to advocate for drug abuse in the society.

Apparently, one would hope that with the Renewed hope agenda which is the major campaign mantra of our President, Asiwaju bola Ahmed Tinubu will do a major work of revamping the National orientation agency which has not lived up to the expectations of its establishment, the president was quoted during his campaign while speaking at the Nigeria Economic summit group, that to fix Nigeria, you need to first change the mindset of the people towards a positive direction.

Today being its 30years anniversary, upon resumption the The minister of communications said that President Bola Tinubu was passionate about the re-orientation of Nigerians toward building a new country.

“We need to disseminate truthful information to achieve our renewed hope agenda; we need such truth to unite and develop the country.

Who knows the Renewed hope strategy to make our National Orientation agency be functional? For how long will it come to live? Where is change begins with me? Who is responsible for what?

To what extent is the National orientation agency ready to adapt with new trend? How would they survive a multi-ethnic and lingual country like ours? To many questions begging for an objective answer.

The NOA was established in a different era, one that lacked the digital tools and communication platforms that define our world today. In this digital age, information spreads at lightning speed across various platforms, making it essential for the NOA to embrace innovative communication strategies.

The agency should harness the power of social media, podcasts, webinars, and other digital channels to engage a younger, tech-savvy audience.

Nigeria’s diversity is its strength, yet it also presents a communication challenge. The NOA should consider crafting messages that resonate with different demographic groups, regions, and cultures.

Customizing communication ensures that the agency’s messages are not only understood but embraced by every Nigerian, fostering a sense of belonging and shared values.

The youth are the future of any nation, and the NOA’s role in engaging them is paramount. By creating programs that empower young Nigerians to actively participate in nation-building, the agency can channel their energy and ideas towards positive change.

Youth engagement initiatives can range from mentorship programs to platforms where young voices are heard and valued.

The NOA cannot accomplish its goals in isolation. Collaborations with educational institutions, civil society organizations, and the private sector can create a robust network for promoting civic education and national consciousness.

These partnerships can magnify the agency’s impact and create a ripple effect throughout society.

While digital communication is essential, reaching the grassroots remains crucial. Community outreach initiatives take the NOA’s messages directly to the people, especially those who might not have access to the digital world.

Grassroots engagement brings about a deeper connection with citizens and ensures that no one is left behind in the

As Nigeria navigates various challenges, the NOA can play an even more significant role in promoting peace, tolerance, and conflict resolution. By facilitating conversations that bridge ethnic and religious divides, the agency contributes to building a stronger and more united nation.

In an ever-changing world, adaptability is key. The NOA must regularly evaluate its strategies and approaches to ensure their effectiveness. Staying relevant means being open to change and adjusting course when needed.

As the National Orientation Agency celebrates its 30th anniversary, it stands at a crossroads of tradition and innovation. A call for revamping and a renewed hope agenda is not just a necessity; it’s an opportunity.

With visionary leadership, strategic planning, and the collective efforts of all stakeholders, the NOA can continue to be a guiding light in Nigeria’s journey towards a brighter and united future.

As Nigeria moves forward, the NOA can indeed serve as a catalyst, ensuring that the values of unity, patriotism, and social cohesion remain at the heart of our nation’s identity.

Tinubu Rilwan Ayodeji


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