Sharon’s Diary: Episode 7

Sharon’s Diary: Episode 7

Elsie Udoh


Hey Diary, 

Sorry I’ve been super occupied planning my parents’ surprise wedding anniversary party. 

You need to see the arrangements we made up. Everything is so fancy and classy (Oh, the party is today. It’s still on actually.) 

As for the gift, I ended up getting a personalized photo frame. Cheap but it was well appreciated by my parents. Their smiles and big kisses on my cheeks melted my heart. Oh, how I love them!

I should get back to the party. Bode was just about to whisper something in my ears before I left the party (Yeah, I ended up mustering the courage to invite him and it wasn’t so hard after all).

He also told me I looked stunning in my bright blue fitted gown and ponytail. I wonder what else he has to say to me. Not that I’m complaining though, I don’t mind spending the entire time with Bode, he gets me.

Time to go. 

Party calls.


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