Sharon’s Diary: Episode 8 (The after party)

Sharon’s Diary: Episode 8 (The after party)

Elsie Udoh


I am super pumped, diary! 

It’s finally gonna go down, by hook or by crook!

Okay, okay before you get lost and wonder what the hell I’m talking about, let me start by giving you a rundown of how my parents’ anniversary went.

So yeah, it was okay. Great. All bliss and fun. The party looked nothing like a party planned by six troublesome kids (kudos to us). 

The best part? It wasn’t the party actually, it was something that happened AFTER the party.

Hold your breath.

So, towards the end of the party, Bode suddenly disappeared. I tried scanning the crowd unnoticeably but there was no sign of him. I resigned to my fate thinking that he probably left although I couldn’t help the lump that formed in my chest at the thought that he left without a goodbye.

The party ended and we bade our guests goodbye. Still no sign of Bode. My parents hugged and expressed their love and gratitude to us before they retired to their room, exhausted.

I was happy that we put smiles on their faces yet somehow Bode’s absence sorta ruined the mood for me.

Long story short, I did some little tidying and then went to my room. Lo and behold, on entering, a strong hand gripped my arm, pulled me close to a well-built masculine figure and jammed his lips against mine.

I was just about to scream when I noticed the familiar scent. Bode was in my room and better still, we were entangled in each other’s arms, kissing passionately!

Our tongues and teeth collided with each other as our hands worked their way perfectly all over each other’s bodies. His hands came to my bosom which he squeezed gently and I flushed excitedly. 

My long-awaited dream was about to be fulfilled, I thought until he stopped abruptly and turned to leave, apologising.

Is this playing? I enjoyed every bit of the moment and longed for more. But Bode was done. He walked back to me and tucked a note in my hands just before slipping out of my room.

I felt disappointed as expected but I was relieved when I read the note he left. He was inviting me to an all-night secluded party next Friday.

That’s my cue. Nothing will stop me from getting what I want at that party. How I will attend, I have no idea. 

But one thing I’m certain is, by this time next Friday, I would have lost my virginity to the only man of my dreams, Bode.

Peace out, diary.


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