Sharon’s Diary: Episode 6

Sharon’s Diary: Episode 6

Elsie Udoh

Dear Diary,

It’s my parents’ 15th wedding anniversary in a week. While everybody is all about getting things ready for the big day, I’m here scheming how to invite Bode without sounding desperate.

Although we’ve actually started getting along quite well since the rice incident. He smiles at me when we see and even told me last week that I looked beautiful (even when I had on one of my worst clothing). Somehow, he makes me feel like a lady.

So if we’re getting close, why do I want to avoid sounding desperate? I mean I can just walk up to him and tell him that it’s my parent’s anniversary and I’d like him to attend, but the problem is that I’m always super jittery and nervous around him.

Anyways, I’ll cross that bridge when I next meet him. For now, let me get back to thinking about the perfect anniversary present.

What do you say, diary? A frame? Or, a Customised Mattress?

In case you missed the last episode of Sharon’s Diary, read it here.


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