Seven free movie streaming websites you should know

Seven free movie streaming websites you should know

Seven free movie streaming websites you should know

Ghazali Ibrahim

It’s the 21st century and everyone now gets entertained on the move. It’s a period where streaming has taken over the entertainment sphere because almost everyone now prefers watching from the mobility of their smartphones.

While many are constrained over payment for streaming services, BlackBox Nigeria has uncovered free platforms where lovers of entertainment particularly movies from Hollywood and India’s Bollywood can now stream for free.

In no particular order, here are seven streaming sites you can now views movies for free…

Pluto TV: It offers a mix of live TV and on-demand content, with a focus on older shows and classics movies.

Pluto TV not only provides plenty of on-demand entertainment but is also one of the most robust in terms of its live offerings. It features a very simple interface that lets you browse the current channels for whatever looks appealing, and even dedicates entire channels to individual shows if you want to spend a few hours binging your favorites. Of course, being free, you are limited to the content and channels Pluto offers.

Freevee: Owned by Amazon, provides both live and on-demand shows and movies, including original content, catering to those with somewhat newer devices.

Though its free but unlike  Prime Video service, which is not free for everyone. That said, don’t expect the same content here as you’d get with Prime, but the selection is still very impressive.

Crackle: established in 2004, offers a multiple selection of original, classic, and lesser-known shows and movies, accessible without the need for an account.

While everything we list here will obviously be free, most of services do require you to make a free account or download an app to use them. Crackle, on the other hand, lets you simply boot up the site, browse the entire selection, and start watching right away. You do get some nice features for making an account, such as creating a favorites list and saving your place if you don’t finish a movie in one sitting.

Vudu: It specializes in on-demand viewing, boasting over 10,000 free movies and shows, but lacks live options and an updated interface.

Kanopy: It is accessible with a library card, offering a vast library of ad-free content, including recent titles and educational documentaries.

Kanopy is an astonishingly robust free streaming service available to any library cardholder – and it comes with no ads! as long as you have a free library card, you can access its entire library without spending a dime or watching a single ad. And this service isn’t limited to just “library movies”; it includes tons of mainstream and recent titles as well.

The Roku Channel: It offers a mix of live and on-demand content, with an improved library thanks to acquired original content from *Quibi* .

Whether you access it through the streaming stick or download the app, Roku Channel is Roku’s own streaming service for live and on-demand content. The service was somewhat lackluster when it first launched, which likely contributed to its slow start.

YouTube: Despite being the biggest video sharing and watching site on the internet, a number of people don’t realize that you can watch a ton of free shows and movies on the site. We are not referring to those low-quality videos of people recording a movie and trying to upload it.

YouTube has cracked down on those and has replaced them with free shows and movies that are as easy to watch as any other video. All you need to do is go into the *Movies and Shows tab* on the left menu, select the Free with ads tab, and check out everything on offer. You can browse by genre or browse the entire selection. There are hundreds of movies and full seasons and series to see here, and many of them are quite impressive. As always, don’t expect anything terribly recent to show up here.


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