Nigeria’s Economic Challenges: Empowering Ambitious Individuals to Thrive

Nigeria’s Economic Challenges: Empowering Ambitious Individuals to Thrive
Nigeria, or should I say Nigerian and its economy? The economy of Nigeria is a middle-income, mixed economy and emerging market with expanding manufacturing, financial, service, communications, technology, and entertainment sectors. Nigeria has the 2nd largest economy in Africa, but Lay it on thick as the giant of Africa. What makes it the giant of Africa? Is the population or its development above other countries across the African continent?
Different groups and organization have been reporting based on betterment of Nigeria economy outlook. According to NIGERIA ECONOMY SUBMIT GROUP, whose report delves into the state of the Nigerian economy in 2023 and outlines a strategic plan for its transformation over the medium term. The document is structured into three main parts, offering a nuanced understanding of the current economic landscape, the proposed roadmap, and projections for 2024.
Also, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), whose report projects a marginal decline in inflation and 3.1% rise in GDP, and notes that achieving sustainable growth in 2024 requires balancing ambitious fiscal reforms with effective budget implementation. It also stresses the importance of aligning fiscal and monetary policy to stabilize prices and reach target goals. They aligned seven key trends; Executing fiscal reforms: balancing ambition with budgetary implementation, Evolving monetary policy stance: finding the right framework and instruments to achieve price stability, Investors’ will be cautiously optimistic, Undulating pathways to unlocking productivity in the economy, Persisting vulnerability to external pressures with potential of ‘shocks’, Consumers may likely adjust better to the evolving policy and macro realities, Improved sectoral development riding on reforms, which are what will reshape the Nigeria economy outlook.
On the contrary, Nigeria is a populated country where we have people with great vision, value and ambitions. People with values and potentials, but can’t achieve their desired goals in life based on the economic landscape that is yet to be reshape. With the aid of observation, if you’re the type that observe human psychologically, you’ll see people with great values and potentials but pushing through, trying, and struggling in an economy where school fees increases unexpected, in an economy where food stuff (provisions) increases on a daily basis, in an economy where fuel prices is not stable, in an economy where employment can’t be certain without a “proper connection” from the organization, in an economy where the fluctuation of dollar increment favour some and not favour many, in an economy where its currency is loosing its value. All these has become a major setback for people who have ambitions, people with great values and potentials, people who want something out of life, people who are struggling to make it in life. So, how can we achieve our goals as an ambitious individual in this kind of economy?
The rest of the piece will dissertate how individuals can rise above these challenges that is seen as a setback.
First and foremost, individuals can rise above the challenges by leveraging their ambition, values, and potentials by seeking opportunities in sectors that show growth and resilience, such as technology, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. By staying informed about market trends, networking with like-minded individuals, and continuously upgrading their skills, they can adapt to the changing economic landscape and find innovative ways to thrive. It’s all about embracing a positive mindset, being proactive, and seizing opportunities when they arise.
However, such individual must portrait some features such as focus, determination, commitment, consistency and patience.
– Focus: As an ambitious individual with values and potentials. There is a need for you to be focused, keep your eyes on the goal and take it a step at a time in order not to understand the process. What you understand appears simple.
– Determination: Be determined. In order to successfully achieve anything in life, determination is a major feature. Believe in yourself even if anyone did not. The wise one once said, before people can start believing you, you have to believe in yourself first. Do you believe in yourself?
– Commitment: Be committed, learn to make sacrifice. Sacrifices such as your time, your input (financial input), effort. Because it is not said that there will not be challenges. Challenges that will require your time, financial input and critical effort, but when you’re committed with what you are doing, focused and determined, you can achieve anything you want in life. Always prepare yourself to face challenges.
– Consistency: In anything you’re doing, be consistent. According to Dr Ganiu Abisoye Bamgbose (Dr GAB), in order to achieve consistency, your mood should not determine your move. This will help you in the process of achieve anything successful.
– Patience: Learn to wait. The journey in order successfully achieve anything in life (challenges) can be overwhelming at times. You don’t have to quit or give up, you just need to rest then continue with the journey. Life itself is a slow and steady journey.
In conclusion, ambitious individuals with values and potentials should strive in all ways to thrive. Nigeria’s economic imbalance should not be the reason to give up on our future goals. In reference to Dr GAB’s words, let he who desire greatness be prepared for inconvenience. Great people make a great country.
By Olorunfunmi Quadri Adeniyi
@ Lagos State University

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