Segun! 21-year-old Nigerian live-streams suicide after failing JAMB for the fourth time

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Segun! 21-year-old Nigerian live-streams suicide after failing JAMB for the fourth time

Frustrated after failing JAMB again, he took to suicide

Twitter is currently agog albeit negatively following the attempt by a young man to take his own life.

Identified as Segun, the 21 year old has been devastated since 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results were released by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB). 

Segun, who appeared really devastated had earlier yesterday taken to twitter to announce his frustration while sharing his JAMB history and how he felt sad scoring 167 this time around when he had helpers who were ready to see him through tertiary education. One of such helpers BlackBox Nigeria later uncovered is social media influencer, Pamilerin Adegoke who had earlier come to Segun’s aid when he cried out on twitter over his inability to secure a menial job. 

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According to findings, Segun who had in previous years almost gotten admitted into the university but had to give up due to lack of funds only had to pass the UTME this time around and see his dream of tertiary education come through. But he felt his hope has been dashed as he could only muster 167 in the examinations.

How Segun planned his suicide

A sad story that will bring tears down the face of many, Segun couldn’t stomach the defeat and openly announced that he was going to take his own life. He even gave a timeline and promised to stream it live for his followers. Obviously many didn’t take him seriously but he lived up to his word. 

At the 9pm announced time, Segun duly streamed himself live taking Sniper, the deadly substance which has in recent times been the most potent poison for suicidal Nigerians. Although Sniper is originally an insecticide but many have since converted its use. 

Segun streamed his suicide live!

For a better understanding of the Segun saga, the screenshots below will help you. 

Segun has however been found and is reportedly being stabilised in a medical facility. His benefactor, Pamilerin Adegoke has also confirmed this in an update. 

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