Like Arik Air, Med-View Delays Luggage Of Passengers, Promises To Use British Airways

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The management of Med-View moments ago appealed to its passengers who flew into Lagos some days ago and still have their luggage delayed in London over what was called technialities involving the aircraft that was been used to convey the passengers. This situation is coming days after Nigeria’s largest carrirer, Arik Air is trying to sort similar issues with its London-Lagos passengers.

During the session that was used to appeal to the passengers, the Managing Director of the airline, Mr Muneer Bankole promised the aggrieved travelers that the baggage will arrive Lagos failingly on Saturday, December 31.

The MD assured that an aircraft will depart Lagos for London on Friday morning and return same day with some luggage while the remaining will be transported on Saturday by a British Airways aircraft.

Mr Bankole also said the passengers’ accommodation, feeding and other costs will be funded by the airline as a compensation for the delayed luggage.

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