How To Prepare Yummy Nutrient Rich Ogi..Easy, Sweet & Nutritious

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1. 250g of Ogi fortified (I prefer groundnut variant for this recipe)
2. A handful dates(Dabinu)
3. 1 glass unsweetened yogurt(or milk. As preferred)
4. 4 cups of water
5. 3 drops vanilla flavour

*Remove date seeds and dice. Set aside. *Dissolve Ogi fortified in 1 cup of water to form thick paste *Allow water to boil in a saucepan.
*Pour in the dissolved ogi into boiling water stirring continously to avoid lumps.
*Add more water if mixture is too thick.
*Add the diced dates.
*Allow to cook so the date absorb some moisture.
*Add the vanilla flavour.
*Sweeten with sugar (optional)
Stir and heat for a minute.
Serve with yogurt/milk. Can be taken hot or ice chilled. Cheers?

By Folakemi Abdussalam, CEO, Tastiquette Ventures (Maker of Ogi Fortified)

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