Letter To My Son (Ubuntu) At Four: What Is Next? By Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

Letter To My Son (Ubuntu) At Four: What Is Next? By Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

Letter To My Son At Four: What Is Next? By Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

AbdulMuqsit Mojeed-Sanni, Ubuntu is 

Dear Ubuntu,

Every day the sun rises to a beautiful day. It is the nature of the sun to rise, anytime it is out, it preoccupies itself with the onerous question of rising every other day. When the night catches up with it, it prepares to rise again, always determined to bring illumination to the world. As the day breaks son, may the things you do bring light to the world.

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Dear Muqsit, as you mark yet another year with us, what bothers me most is what next, what is next for you as our son, and the family as a whole. Since the year past, we have had reasons to take decisions bothering on finding for you a comfortable living. Some decisions have been fruitful while others have been subject to reconsideration. I acknowledge that living comes with a reason for even our creation was birthed by a reason. In life, the greatest thing a man can take to a battle is the reason why. Life is a battlefield of opinions, options and opportunities. Dear Son, cherish your opinions, weigh your options and never ever miss an opportunity to help others and be better.

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Dear Adesola, the world is changing. Every day I live in constant fear, not fear of living but fear of what I will be leaving behind. What my father beget to me was not better, what you might get maybe worse but midst the available constraints, you must learn to live above the mud of decay.

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As the world around you changes, keep your mind at understanding the four critical factors of production and effectiveness: man, machine, money and management. If you can manage man, you will learn the relevance machine to creating money (wealth) in a world of artificial intelligence. Remember son, manage man, manage time, manage information, manage woman and you can manage wealth.

Dear Son, let me restate for the purpose of emphasis, what you learn is what you know and what you don’t know can cause your fall. Adesola, I have come to realise the importance inherent in reading about people either through their autobiographies or biographies, it takes you into their world, allows you to trend in their path, understands their pains and celebrates their ability to use their mind’s eyes to see ahead. Reading about people does one thing, it makes you understand the reason behind the decisions they made.

Uhuru’s Homecoming After The Night Watch (A One Year Birthday Note) By Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

Dear Ubuntu, be weary in this age of likes and retweets, everything is always not the way it seems, people associate with you because of the position you have earned. People flow with the tides of success and for many even when they pretend, their stomach guides their thought process. Never ever be blinded by glorification, be humble, be responsible, do for many and expect nothing. For they shall not be disappointed, all those who expect nothing.

Mummy says you carry everyone along by sharing happiness, I am not surprised. In school, your teachers acknowledge your openness and I am not surprised at your creativity, you are my son, you are UBUNTU. As you celebrate, remember I love you dearly, remember to be a hero to your brother Uhuru and those that might come behind. Live life by letting others live.

Happy Birthday Son, from all of us with much love.

Your Dad,

Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni


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