Letter To Ubuntu On Arriving At Age Of Cognition By Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

Letter To Ubuntu On Arriving At Age Of Cognition By Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

Letter To Ubuntu On Arriving At Age Of Cognition By Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

Dear Ubuntu,


The year started on a promising note nose dived and stabilized. It has been a full circle and I am here again. As the years go-by and the tides turn, I pray you access these letters and understand the import. I missed not having your grandfather close while growing up, I heard so much about him but never read any of his works, he was a Carpenter – the Human Carpenter. It becomes a moral burden to leave these notes behind for you and your siblings; the days are counting but I cannot determine how many more will be counted.

Dear AbdulMuqsit, as you grow to the age of cognition, I am happy you are getting to understand the basics of life and can alternate between happiness and sadness. Life realities come in two ends, what I call the the relativity of ends. It is either good or bad but every situation has a relative acknowledgement. As you grow, you will see a man happy in his lack and see another miserable in his abundance. Take it from me, every situation has a relative approval, do not let those who do not understand how you feel determine what makes you happy or sad. Never be moved by public opinion because the PUBLIC is like a boiling soup, it will cool down before you know it.


Dear Ubuntu, people of knowledge have averred that the best way to protect yourself is to be fluid and formless as water; never bet on stability or lasting order. Everything changes, so do humans whom you must relate with, built trust but never count on everyone playing by the rules.


Dear Adesola, the years I am afraid of are gradually creeping upon me, from your innocent tantrums, you are growing to seek answers even though I make efforts to be ahead, I must admit I cannot provide answers to all your questions but I will try. Son, I have never heard of a reader who was disgraced for his reading, but I have seen a non-reader ridiculed for is not reading. The human mind needs books to flourish just as a sword needs whetstone to be at its best. Never be complacent in learning, never despise reading, I am your father hearken to my advice.

Dear Moyoade, as you grow, understand the essence of family, understand it is your first network and best refuge in the days of seeking protection yet never be swallowed in the dictates of its burdensomeness. Move at your own pace and remember, a good man does everything in his power to better his family’s position regardless of his own selfish desires. Family is supreme, but you must understand the lineanal equation of family growth starting from your blood, kiths and kins.


Dear Son, do not let material wealth drive you, listen to difficult advice and never be proud to admit you have made mistakes. I am your father, I have seen, I have heard. In the end, I have learnt. Chasing material things will make you lose focus, you will be tempted to think instant gratification solves all problems but it is never so. Unplanned wealth is an illusion, a facade that falls when tested by time. Strive to be known by the labours of your sweat and earn your MBE with pride and honour. In the words of my Boss, Babajimi Adegoke Benson, MBE stands for My Bloody Effort. Nothing can be more Honourable my Son if you hearken to my wise counsel.

Dear Ubuntu, if peradventure you chose to write,  simplicity and clarity should be your lodestar. Understand the enterprise called life works like the human body, every part has its usefulness. Avoid if you must actions that subverts the system and remember every shortcut will always come back to hurt someone. Son, the realities of the world are not cast in stones, manage your time judiciously and remember during crisis the dice in your hand must be rolled – stay on the plan.


In an advert for #VisitDubai ‘Reach For All That Is Possible’, a famous Nigerian-born British Boxer, Anthony Joshua, said his opinion in life is to stay hungry, keep his feet firmly on the ground and reach for the moon, because if he does fall, he will still be amongst the stars. Ubuntu, I agree with him.


To interpret the above message, I think by staying hungry, he meant a continuous desire for learning, to never be contented with little knowledge. Son, stay hungry by improving yourself.


By keeping feet firmly on the ground, he meant everyone should be fit and focused.  To be firm, one must watch what one consumes and create time to exercise in order to develop the mental and physical strength to contend with everyday obstacles. Dear Ubuntu, only by so doing can one reach for the moon.


Reaching for the moon means setting goals, goals that makes you strive every other day to create solutions and empower people. By having big dreams, the human brain is tasked to create multiple channels of attaining set goals. My Son, to secure a space amongst the great, you must be creatively destructive to find solutions to the problems of humanity. Today is my problem, tomorrow is yours!


Then there is a presumption of failing, because if you fall, the hunger you have quenched with knowledge, the firmness acquired by going through rigorous physical and mental training and the big dreams you set for yourself rather than make you fall completely to the floor would place you amongst the star. Remember, every crisis is a ladder to ascend or descend upon.


Dear Son, while you were climbing to your new age, we welcome AbdulMuqeet Mojeed-Sanni (Uhuru), he is your brother, protect him as much as you can and remember, mum loves you and Dad adores you. Happy birthday Ubuntu.


Your father,


Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni



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