Kano Police Turns Repentant Criminals Into Constable Officers

Kano Police Turns Repentant Criminals Into Constable Officers

Fawaz Adebisi 

Kano State Police Command has converted 50 hardened criminals by training them to become constable officers.

The idea behind this initiative is to utilize the reformed criminals against their colleagues who have refused to repent and continue engaging in criminal activities.

Commissioner of Police, CP Mohammed Usaini Gumel, addressed the 50 selected reformed individuals from Dala, Fagge, Ungogo, Municipal, and Gwale LGAs of Kano State upon their completion of the two-month intake training as members of the Nigeria Police Special Constabulary. He noted that they were fortunate to choose a new path.

Speaking to the men, CP Gumel stated, “Today is a joyous day for the good people of Kano State and the Police Command because we are graduating fifty youths out of the two hundred and twenty-two reformed individuals who voluntarily surrendered themselves and pledged to abstain from thuggery activities (Fadan Daba) and other social vices that have afflicted the state, particularly during the second quarter of 2023.”

He also recounted that three months earlier, the Police Command had invited identified individuals believed to be responsible for the rise in thuggery (Fadan Yan Daba) and other serious crimes in the state for a dialogue.

They received a total of 222 reformed individuals.

CP Gumel added, “We have shared their details with the State Governor during our friendly football match at Sani Abacha Stadium Kofar Mata, Kano.

“This was aimed at gaining support for them by involving them in life-changing programs. From this group, fifty (50) volunteered to work with the Police and contribute to the state’s security and development.”

“Considering their dedication to maintaining peace in the state since their repentance, we provided them with training both in the classroom and in the field. They were also equipped as members of the Special Constabulary. Today, they have shown us that the security of Kano is their priority, and they will not allow any elements of insecurity to disrupt the peace enjoyed in the state.”

CP Gumel expressed his gratitude to the supervising officers of the Command for their efforts in combating crime and encouraged them to continue engaging in community policing with key stakeholders in their respective areas of responsibility.

He emphasized that any officer who cannot inspire public confidence or gain the trust of the people is not suitable for a sensitive position.

He also urged the supervising officers to redouble their efforts, as the reward for good work is more work.

CP Gumel further directed the officers to collaborate closely with members of the Police Special Constabulary assigned to their communities.


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