Shocking: Lagos FA Chairman Ousted, Just After Four Months In Office

Shocking: Lagos FA Chairman Ousted, Just After Four Months In Office

Fawaz Adebisi

A shocking event has occured in Lagos, where the Lagos State Football Association (LSFA) board members voted to suspend their chairman, Ogboni Fouad Oki, over various allegations of misconduct. Oki, just after four months in office.

Oki was elected on May 24, 2023 as the state FA chairman.

According to the vice chairman of LSFA, Alhaji Liameed Olawale Gafar, who addressed the media on Tuesday afternoon, Oki violated the rules and regulations of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and the LSFA in several ways. Some of the offences include; failing to attend the NFF Congress without an excuse and without informing the LSFA board, changing the LSFA logo without the approval of the board and the congress, denying the Nigerian Professional League (NPFL) A1 Camera delegates access to test-run the A1 camera prior to the league’s commencement.

Also, the VC stated that he disregarded the NFF instructions on NPFL branding and streaming of matches.

Citing other violations, he highlighted; releasing 2023/2024 NNL season match day logistics to NNL clubs without the knowledge of the board, having a loggerheads with Lagos State Sports Commission on the use of facilities and spoiling a good relationship, delaying and stopping several youth tournaments, recreational football and threatening teams to move out of Lagos, and initiating independence of LSFA outside of the authority of NFF.

Therefore, out of nine board members, five were in support of Oki’s suspension, while four were against.

The board members have not announced who will take over as the interim chairman or when a new election will be held.


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