How Gen-Z Can Keep Healthy Relationships (PART 3)

How Gen-Z Can Keep Healthy Relationships (PART 3)

Boluwatife Yusuf


It takes more than one person to make any relationship of any kind work. Below are the 3Cs governing healthy relationships.


1. Competence: This simply explains you having a personal interaction with yourself. Asking and wanting to know within you if you are ready to be in a relationship. One thing is sure: there will be fights, sweet moments, and many more. You really don’t want to post on WhatsApp every minute ‘men are scum’ or ‘girls are this’. This can be avoided by having heart-to-heart conversations with your partner to sort things out.

In essence, you, as an individual really need to know if you are;

• Ready to apologize even when you are not wrong.
• Respect your partner unconditionally.
• Put the other person’s interest first.
• Be ready to give as many chances as possible without disturbing your mental, physical, emotional health.


2. Commitment: Being in a relationship is no child’s play. There will always, always be people who are better than that sweet, amazing partner of yours. It depends on your ability to caution yourself and remain committed to that one person you claim to love. Nobody is going teach you how to be self-disciplined, it’s called *self* so you have to do it yourself.

You think someone’s going to suffer their own emotional, mental, or even physical health to satisfy you forcefully? Well, _Ayé wà da_? There’s no space. It won’t be easy but you have to remember;

• How you both started.
• Where you both have gotten to.
•Where you both are still going together.


3. Consistency: This is a very essential part of being in an healthy relationship. In fact, most relationships crumble when the calls, messages, interactions or even sex (for married people) reduce.

Most people claim to love their partners but say they are too busy to show it. But ask yourself while you were chasing her or that time you just told him YES, you had all the time in the world? Just so you know, girls, most especially, want that consistency: if you can’t keep the same energy, just own up. Or perhaps you’re ready to be served ‘breakfast’ which comes in varieties: hot and spicy, cold and reserved.


You want an healthy relationship? Consistency is the key! Let the calls remain the same, call him/her the way you used to when you were wooing her/when you just said YES.

Keep the energy the same. Keep the vibe the same. Keep everything the same and see that your love doesn’t fade.

These 3Cs would be of great of help to Gen Z’ers and anyone who wants a healthy relationship. You should try them!




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