BBN Season 6: Top 5 Nasty Comments Made By Pere As HOH

BBN Season 6: Top 5 Nasty Comments Made By Pere As HOH

Leshi Adebayo


It is finally over. What is over? Definitely not the Big Brother Naija Show because that is far from over. But, it is certainly the end of Pere Egbi’s government which many tagged as dictatorial. Since today is the eviction show, the Head of House (H.O.H) position will be contested for by the housemates in the coming week.

That’s a story for another day. The focus of this article is on Pere Egbi. He is obviously the most controversial H.O.H in the history of Big Brother Naija. There have been a lot of reactions concerning how he steered the affairs of the Big Brother House, mostly, the fact that his regime was likened to Buhari’s. Seriously, the two governments look alike. Pere, the much talked-about generalissimo, will be up for eviction this new week, that’s if he doesn’t emerge as the H.O.H for the second time.

Saying Pere is a tyrant is an understatement but let us take a look at 5 nasty comments ranging from decisions to other reactions.


1. Pere declaring that White Money will not be in charge of cooking and the kitchen for the week. He claimed that Whitemoney was using it as a strategy to keep himself in the house. Pere said he could also cook too. Interestingly, he was shocked by the housemates. During the week, they waited till 2am to enjoy Whitemoney’s culinary skills. This went on to backfire at the former military man as he came to find something to eat but didn’t find any because the housemates were hoarding food items. Hence, Boma, the previous H.O.H emphasized the importance of Whitemoney in the kitchen.


2. Pere noting that the housemates should not in any way disrespect him as H.O.H. This statement, as many would agree, is so wrong because he is clearly setting boundaries. Truthfully, he allowed the H.O.H title to get into his head. He should not have demanded respect but tried to earn it. He elicited fear in their hearts with that statement. But he is obviously misguided because the housemates don’t really care.


3. Pere trying to get on Princess’ nerves by also craving for her Lipton drink. He was just trying to pick a fight and impose authority. In response, Princess gave him a piece of his own medicine by confronting him and exposing his game.


4. Pere saying that he will knock Whitemoney off his game when he was speaking with his deputy, Maria. This statement shows that Pere feels threatened by Whitemoney’s presence in the house. He is too personal and oblivious of the fact that Whitemoney is loved beyond the house and that he and Maria are dropping in terms of vote.


5. Pere calling all housemates dumb and lazy. He said “If these guys are smart, they would realize that I just helped all of them lazy dumbass.” He has no right to speak in such condescending manner because the housemates in question don’t need him fighting their battles. Also, they love Whitemoney’s cooking and his strategy. Mind you, everyone in the house has a strategy.


Finally, his tenure as H.O.H will end tomorrow, Monday. Possibly, he won’t be able to participate in H.O.H challenge since he won the game in the third week. The housemates will never forget his ‘regime’ as he has left indelible memories in their minds.


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