Francis Uzoho Responds to Critics Following Super Eagles’ Mistakes

Francis Uzoho Responds to Critics Following Super Eagles’ Mistakes


Latiifah Amusan


The Super Eagles secured a 3-2 victory against Mozambique in Portugal.

However, it was Francis Uzoho, Nigeria’s number-one goalkeeper, who stole the headlines once again with another costly error that led to a goal for Mozambique.

Despite the much-needed win, Uzoho faced severe criticism from fans who have grown increasingly frustrated with his recent performances.

The Omonoia FC goalkeeper had been under fire for his errors in previous Super Eagles games.

Following the victory over Mozambique, Uzoho decided to address his critics, expressing his disappointment with the barrage of negative comments.

He took to his Snapchat account to post a selfie along with a statement that read,

“If easy, go do am make oyinbo man sign you.”

Suggesting that those who believed it was an easy job should try becoming a goalkeeper themselves to see if they could earn a contract from a foreign club.

Nigeria had finally ended a five-year winless streak in international friendlies, but fans were far from pleased with Uzoho’s performances.

Many expressed their frustration with the national team’s manager for sticking with him as the first-choice goalkeeper and not considering alternative options.



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