Cult Clashes Claim Lives of Over 20 Young Men in Sagamu, Ogun State

Cult Clashes Claim Lives of Over 20 Young Men in Sagamu, Ogun State

Latiifah Amusan


In a disturbing turn of events, Sagamu, the headquarters of Sagamu Local Government Area in Ogun State, has become the scene of a gruesome battle between rival cult groups.

According to reports, at least 20 young men have lost their lives in this wave of violence.

The rival cults, namely the Eiye and Aiye confraternities, reignited their long-standing supremacy battle on a tragic Saturday.

Since then, these cultists have brutally murdered approximately 20 young individuals, including secondary school students.

Shocking videos and photos shared online by residents depict the aftermath of these attacks, with some victims lying lifeless in pools of blood, their hands severed by their assailants.

The Nigeria Police Force Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, has issued a response to these disturbing cult killings.

He stressed that the situation in Sagamu demands more than the deployment of an anti-cultism squad.

He called for collective action from the community, politicians, and law enforcement.

Adejobi highlighted that the cultists responsible often come from various locations, not just Sagamu, creating a complex challenge.

He emphasized the need for a multi-track approach to address this grave issue.

Moreover, he suggested that the Ogun State Commissioner of Police should investigate reports that these cultists are known to security agents.

He underscored the importance of unwavering commitment in dealing with these criminals.

Nigerians are already expressing their concerns and calling for immediate intervention to stop the bloodshed.

The situation in Sagamu is indeed a distressing and urgent matter that demands the attention of all stakeholders to restore peace and security to the community.


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