30-year-old photographer commits suicide in Jigawa

30-year-old photographer commits suicide in Jigawa

Promise Eze

A devastating incident unfolded in Akula Quarters, Babura Local Government Area of Jigawa State, as a 30-year-old photographer, Usman Sani Goga, took his own life.

The spokesperson for the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in the state, CSC Adamu Shehu, confirmed the heartbreaking news on Thursday, June 8, 2023. According to CSC Shehu’s statement, the deceased hanged himself in his room on Wednesday.

The somber discovery was made by the photographer’s wife when she returned home after a visit. She recounted that on that fateful day, her husband had dropped her off at a relative’s house around 2:00 p.m., promising to pick her up later that evening. As time passed and her calls went unanswered, she grew concerned. Unable to access their house due to a lack of keys, she called his phone once more but still received no response.


Desperate for assistance, she sought the help of a motorcyclist to scale the wall and unlock the main entrance from inside. Upon entering, she was shocked to find her husband’s motorcycle parked, which was highly unusual. In a state of panic, she rushed inside their bedroom and discovered her husband’s lifeless body hanging from a ceiling fan hook. Overwhelmed by the distressing sight, she fainted, prompting the motorcyclist to call for help. Neighbors swiftly responded, untied the body, and rushed him to the hospital. Sadly, a medical practitioner pronounced him dead upon arrival.

Investigations into the incident have revealed that the deceased used a bedside drawer on top of a king-sized bed to reach the ceiling, where the hook was fixed. He tied a rope to the hook and pushed the bedside drawer off, suspending himself from the hook.

While details about his motivations remain unclear at this time, close associates have disclosed that the deceased had sporadic episodes of mental disorder. Despite this, he had recently married his wife, and they were leading a contented life together. Further investigations are underway to shed more light on the circumstances surrounding this tragic event. The deceased was laid to rest in accordance with Islamic customs.



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