Lagos bus drivers back Tinubu, declare support for fuel subsidy removal

Lagos bus drivers back Tinubu, declare support for fuel subsidy removal

Commercial bus drivers in Lagos State have expressed their support for the recent decision by the Federal Government to remove fuel subsidy, despite the public outcry it has generated. The drivers, who belong to the Lagos State Parks and Garages (LSPG), conveyed their endorsement during a meeting held on Wednesday.

Deputy Chairman of LSPG, Alhaji Sulaimon Ojora, commended the drivers for their understanding and assured passengers that there would not be exorbitant increases in bus fares as a result of the subsidy removal. He emphasized that this measure was taken to alleviate the negative impacts of the subsidy removal.

Ojora stated, “LASPG is committed to ensuring the convenience of passengers. Fuel subsidy has been a detrimental factor for our economy and has allowed a few influential individuals posing as oil marketers to exploit the treasury. While the removal will have immediate effects on our lives, it will be beneficial in the long run.”

He further explained, “We have convened this meeting to urge our members not to take advantage of the situation by unilaterally raising bus fares. To oversee fare adjustments across the state, a seven-member committee has been established.”

Ojora urged bus drivers in other states to follow the example of their colleagues in Lagos by keeping bus fares affordable for passengers and not making them unattainable.


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