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10 money/finance questions you should ask your spouse

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Leshi Adebayo

When it comes to love and relationships, finance/money matters are often the least discussed topics. The reason isn’t far-fetched. Many believe that “love conquers all”.

However, experience has shown that money-related issues are the leading causes of cracks in relationships/marriage, hence the importance of financial compatibility.

In this piece, BlackBox Nigeria highlights 10 important finance questions you should ask your partner — as opined by Akan Imoh, a communications professional.

1. If you are given 5 million naira, what would you do with it?
This might sound clich√© since it’s a regular question thrown at people most times to which many would give funny responses. However, it is a good question for young lovers — it helps to reveal the financial literacy of your partner.

2. Are you a spender or a saver?
This can be very sensitive, though. But it is better you know the disposition of your partner when it comes to handling money because your financial success depends on it.

3. What is your opinion on taking loans?
Another question worth asking is knowing your partner’s stance on the subject of borrowing money. You should know if he/she is open to opting for loans or not.

4. Do you consider me a spender or saver?
Consider this a ‘moment of truth’ question where your partner can share their thoughts on your attitude/habits towards money.

5. Are you comfortable telling me how much you earn?
Another personal and sensitive question is knowing how much the both of you earn as income. It is better to know now than later.

6. Currently, are you in debt and how much do you owe exactly?
Being in too many debts is not very good for young couples. This explains the need to know if any of you is owing anyone and how much is owed.

7. How much do you think you can spend on a wedding?
Very funny question. Interestingly, it helps you see differing views you and your partner share on money matters.

8. If one of us has a debt, and the other doesn’t, will it be ‘our’ debt or ‘your/my’ debt?
This is worth asking. Debts can be very sensitive, so you need to know if the debts are to be handled collectively or singlehandedly by the debtor.

9. Will we combine our money or keep it separate?
This is where the agreement and decision of owning a joint account sets in. Are you guys okay with it or not?

10. Do you support anyone else financially?
This is also vital, so that your financial plans can be tailored in consideration of those people you are both possibly financing.

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