Yoruba Youth Council Launches #iSpeakYoruba Hashtag To Promote Culture

Yoruba Youth Council Launches #iSpeakYoruba Hashtag To Promote Culture

The Yoruba Youth Council, Lagos State Chapter has launched the #iSpeakYoruba hashtag to promote the Yoruba culture and heritage amongst youths.

Unveiling the hashtag, the Coordinator, Ogbeni Olalekan Biliamin enjoyed youths to “join the activation of the #iSpeakYORUBA Campaign designed by the Yoruba Youth Council Lagos State Chapter to revitalize the Yoruba Culture and heritage especially the Mother tongue (Yoruba).”



He stated that Yoruba sons and daughters all over the globe are urged to join the campaign in order to uphold the dwindling heritage of the Yoruba nation.

“Your language is the only reason why your existence as a human can be verified, join the Campaign today and spread #iSpeakYORUBA on your Facebook page, Whatssap, instagram etc,” he encouraged in a statement made available to BlackBox Nigeria

It is believed that the hashtag would give a unifying voice to the campaign being promoted by the council.


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