Group Holds Solidarity March To Support Buhari’s Administration

Group Holds Solidarity March To Support Buhari’s Administration
By, Uchechukwu Ugboaja
In spite of the bitting recession Nigerians are facing lately irrespective of class or status, some Nigerians have embarked on a solidarity March to lend their voice of support to Mr. President’s efforts in fulfilling his campaign promises to Nigerians.
Leader of the group known as Movement of the People Comrade Okpokwu Ogenyi, hailed President Buhari in his anti-corruption war so far. He also called for more cooperation from Nigerians who he said are lamenting not because of the untold hardship they are facing but as a result of their inability to live the kind of frivolous and unsustainable lifestyle they were used to under the last administration which is currently under probe. He further urged Nigerians to be patient and allow for the President’s efforts to begin to yield fruits as there can not be gain without pain.
However the convener was asked by a cross section of Journalists if they were not sponsored to organise this rally as most of their members were largely members of the Unemployed Nigerian Youths based in Abuja.
When asked if his group is not worried about the way and manner Nigerians in southern Kaduna were being killed on a daily basis yet the President would swiftly deploy troops to intervene in a crisis in Gambia which has only recorded one death as a result of dog bite. The Comrade insisted that the death records reported from Southern Kaduna is largely overrated and that the President remains on top of the situation as it remains his governments responsibility to protect lives and properties in any part of the country.

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