Wizkid Reveals Emotional Journey Behind New Musical Creation, ‘IDK’

Wizkid Reveals Emotional Journey Behind New Musical Creation, ‘IDK’


Latiifah Amusan

Grammy-winning artist Ayodeji Balogun, widely known as Wizkid has shared that his new song, ‘IDK’ was a product of grappling with the profound impact of his mother’s passing, Mrs Jane Dolapo Balogun.


In an Instagram post, Wizkid disclosed that life had lost its meaning in the absence of his mother.

Despite his Grammy success and role as a father to four children, Wizkid admitted that normalcy has eluded him since the tragic loss.

Wizkid’s social media posts provided a poignant glimpse into the challenges he faced while navigating the emotional aftermath.

He reflected on the struggle to find purpose amid the void left by his mother, a central figure in his life.

In another post, Wizkid encouraged his followers to embrace a spiritual connection during challenging times.

He emphasized the importance of releasing everything and relying on a higher power for solace and guidance.

He wrote, 

“Made idk days after I lost my mum. Life’s been meaningless! But we dey!!

Sometimes you have to let everything go. Work with God!.”


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