My Musical Success is Earned, Not Inherited from Fela – Seun Kuti

My Musical Success is Earned, Not Inherited from Fela – Seun Kuti


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Nigerian singer Seun Kuti has asserted that his musical accomplishments, along with those of his elder brother Femi Kuti and nephew Made Kuti, are products of their deliberate efforts and dedication to their craft, rather than being solely attributed to their iconic father, Fela Anikulapokuti.

In a recent with Iyabo Ojo, Seun Kuti Dismissed the notion that their success is merely an extension of Fela’s legacy, he highlighted the musical lineage within his family, pointing out that their grandfather, Reverend Israel Ransome-Kuti, was also a musician.

He stressed that Fela’s father’s musical achievements were often overlooked, indicating that their family has a rich heritage of musicians spanning generations.

Seun Kuti said,

“It’s not just because we are Fela’s children. I mean, nobody says Fela is a musician because his father was a musician. Nobody knows that Fela’s father was a musician. We came from a lineage of musicians.”

The singer further debunked the notion of their success being solely based on family ties by citing the example of a brother who grew up in Australia without knowledge of his Kuti heritage until his 50s.

Despite not being a musician, this brother found success as a creative art director, emphasizing the creative nature ingrained in their family.

Seun Kuti concluded by asserting that their dedication to music has been the driving force behind their achievements.

“When people say we are successful musicians because we are Fela’s children, they are just being half clever.”



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