We Will Not Back Down On Our Fight Against The Taliban- Afghani President

We Will Not Back Down On Our Fight Against The Taliban- Afghani President

Yusuf Boluwatife


Afghanistan president, Mohammed Ashraf Ghani, today, declared openly about the onslaught ongoing in his country, pledging never to give up.

Eight days ago, The Taliban took over 18 provincial capitals, out of the 24 provincial capitals in Afghanistan. Currently, Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan is surrounded and also, is last hope for Political and Democratic government in Afghanistan; as the Taliban are set to bring back their rule and enforce a Sharia community in the country.


This happens to be President Ghani’s first press conference, from him and his cabinet amidst various attacks in the country by the Talibans; which has resulted in the fleeing of millions of citizens from their homes and leaving many more injured.

However, there have been various pleas from the people of the country to the President to ensure that something is done to save their homes.

Also, there have been critics on the decisions and actions of the President, as there have been no International Community intervention to assist in the fight.


The President in his statement said, “we will not back down on our fight against the Taliban. We will continue to fight them and uphold the achievement of the past twenty years.”



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