Drama As Pastor Fails To Resurrect From The Dead

Drama As Pastor Fails To Resurrect From The Dead

Yusuf Bólúwatifẹ́


It has come to the notice of BlackBox Nigeria, the story of a 22 year old Zambian Pastor, James Sakala, who ordered his congregants to bury him alive, claiming that he would resurrect from the dead.

The naive pastor, who was said to have been dressed in a pure white gown apparel and brown leather slippers, likened to Jesus Christ’s disciples, summoned his miracle-seeking congregation to witness the second resurrection in history, after that of Jesus. The pastor was discovered to be dead on August 8, 2021.

It was revealed that the late pastor had dug a grave and instructed his followers, “All ye of little faith, bury this Sakala you see now and he shall arise from the dead and breath his free lungs full again!” The ignorant congregation were reluctant initially but, out of ‘belief’ decided to carry out the wishes of their priest; thereby,  burying him alive.


Investigations revealed later that the late pastor was a part-time witch doctor, and wanted to perform the mother of all miracles by resurrecting from the dead in Chidiza, a town in Zambia.

In a related development, his faithful followers and congregation found shovels after he laid down flat in the ditch; and with hymns and dance shoved soil, one after the other till he was covered up. As the priest laid below the pile of sand, the choir sang and danced, hoping to experience the manifestation of the Divine. From praises and dances, came tongues upon tongues. All was still to no avail. Pastor Ṣakala did not resurrect according to his promise.


Out of confusion and panic, Ṣakala was dug up and it was evident that the pastor struggled badly before he breath his last. All spiritual exercises and medical efforts were futile, all in a bid to revive him. The priest’s white gown was soiled with mucus and blood. However, it pathetic to see occurrences like this, all in name of miracles these days.



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