‘We Live With Flood’: Lagos Residents Bemoan Bad Road, Calls Govt to Action

Mohammed Taoheed 

Some residents of Igbaja Street located at the Bariga area of Lagos State, are clamoring over the deteriorating state of the only road that links them to the expressway and other parts of the whole state.

The residents lamented their ordeals to journalists in on Saturday, saying that the road is always flooded, and they have to employ the use of rubber boots to be able to ply the road every day.

They also bemoaned the sorry state of the drainage in the area stating that it worsens the flood.

“When I moved in in 2022, everywhere was dry. All of a sudden, I started noticing that water came out in the evening flooding the whole place. I asked some people who were here before me and they said it was normal at the end of the year.

“However, all through 2023, we have suffered this flooding on this street. Landlords here will only rent out their houses when the street is dried, so most of us are not aware of this situation.

“The government needs to come and help us. The drainage system is so bad; grasses have grown on the drainage filled with water,” one of the residents said.


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