Appointment: ‘You’re on a dangerous path’ – Asari Dokubo blasts Tinubu

Appointment: ‘You’re on a dangerous path’ – Asari Dokubo blasts Tinubu

Mohammed Taoheed 

Asari Dokubo, a former Niger Delta militant leader, has lambasted President Bola Tinubu for not carrying him in his government.

It was learnt that Asari was one of the strong supporters of Tinubu during the general elections.

Earlier, he even organised a pro-Tinubu protest in Port Harcourt and gave serious warnings to some ethnic groups in the country who he felt were not in support of Tinubu’s presidential bid then.

Asari Dokubo was later seen at the Presidential Villa, where he was said to have visited President Tinubu after his victory in the presidential election.

In a later development, the Presidency banned ex-militants from visiting the Presidential Villa after that visit following some alleged derogatory comments made by Asari while addressing the press after meeting Tinubu.

In a trending video on circulating online, Dokubo said that he and his followers have been left alone after giving their support to the cause of Tinubu’s emergence as president.

According to him: “President Bola Tinubu is traveling on a very dangerous path. And if he doesn’t change, even we, who are his hardcore supporters, will not be able to stand with him.

“It’s up to you if you feel comfortable now. They tell you that you can do whatever you like. You can do worse than what Buhari did.

“Buhari did one-sided appointments, and you feel you can do your own one-sided appointments. You are not Buhari; know that.

“Buhari had a core followership, you do not have that sort of core followership. If there are core followers, we are your core followers.”

“Those people who are now around, making decisions, making appointments, they were afraid to stand by you. If they were not afraid, they wouldn’t have contested for the House of Reps and so on.

“They actually believed you would not win the election. They were saying that a bird in hand is worth more than thousands in the bush.

“But we staked everything and stood by you. Today you brought them so that they laugh at us. They were afraid to offend people, but today they’re the masters,” he added.


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