Vote my husband so I can become first Yoruba first lady, Atiku’s wife tells Nigerians

Vote my husband so I can become first Yoruba first lady, Atiku’s wife tells Nigerians

By Elsie Udoh

Titilayo Amina Abubakar, the wife of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, has enjoined Nigerians to make her the first-ever Yoruba First Lady by electing her husband in the forthcoming elections.

Titilayo stated this while speaking in an interview with the Yoruba section of the British Broadcasting Commission (BBC Yoruba) on Tuesday.

In her words, she said that Nigeria has not had any Yoruba First Lady since the inception of civilian rule in 1999 and that Nigerians should join hands together to make her the first Yoruba First lady by voting for her husband.

“No Yoruba person has been the first lady in villa since power was taken from the military in 1999, that is why I want every Yoruba person to support Atiku because if my husband becomes president, I will be the first woman from Yoruba land to become the first lady in Nigeria,” she said.

Speaking further in the interview, Titilayo seized the opportunity to laud the good things Atiku will do if he wins the election, including removing religious and ethnic divisions and restoring the security of Nigeria.

“If Atiku Abubakar becomes the president of Nigeria, he will do five things for the development of this country, Nigeria, one of which is that he will bring back the unique unity to this country.

“Religious and ethnic divisions have affected this land, but Atiku will bring unity back as it was fifty years ago.

“In the same way, Atiku will return a proper security system to Nigeria, and the chaos that is taking place regarding gunmen and kidnappings will become a thing of history.”

Meanwhile, Titilayo Abubakar had earlier made the same appeal for Nigerians to make her the first Yoruba First Lady during a PDP campaign rally at Ake Palace grounds, in Abeokuta, last Wednesday.


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