Twenties: A Marriageable Age or the Societal Norm?

Twenties: A Marriageable Age or the Societal Norm?


With so much that goes into planning a wedding these days: selecting the perfect dress, choosing a carefully coordinated menu of classic dishes culminating with a show-stopping wedding cake, and finding just the right venue – navigating through the legal requirements might be low on your to-do list. Is it controversial that will ask “What is the marriageable age or do we just go with the law of the country?”

I remember I was discussing with a friend who just clocked twenty-five about her age been a marriageable age and she objected to it saying she still has a long way to go. Although, the societal pressure has contributed to early marriage but as advised by a family therapist, “getting married when you’re too young could result in divorce and waiting too long could be just as problematic”. On the one hand, early marriages could birth early pregnancies which could have it impacts on nutritional levels of the mothers and their children and their overall mental well-being.

Several people are of the opinion to settle down early so as to get done with child bearing early. On the other hand, there is a certain maturity level that a person attains where they will likely succeed in marriage and it usually happens after age 25. Early marriage remains dominant in Nigeria. The root of early marriage hasn’t been cut off from the root which could involve the passing of bill on the Act of child’s rights. However, marriageable age could be attained at the 18 according to the law but there are certain thoughts that an early marriage could result to divorce and the success of a marriage depends on the level of tolerance and maturity of both parties.

In other words, age 27-30 is the realistic marriageable age, at this range people’s professional careers are coming into play and finances could be to an extent worked out. It is also the age where love become the reality of one’s idea and people are real about themselves and their expectations. For almost everyone regardless of the age,race, religion, tradition and sexual history, the late 20s appears to be the best time to marry.

It is also important to understand that not all early marriage resolves in early breaks. It is just best to see from the angle that certain things should be in place before marriage. Be sure to be emotional prepared, financially stable, spiritually fortified and physically able.


Moradeyo, Funmilola Motunrayo,

Department of English Lagos State University


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