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Tragic! Newly Wedded Couple Narrates How EFCC Barged Into Hotel Rooms In Abeokuta

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Tragic! Newly Wedded Couple Narrates How EFCC Barged Into Hotel Rooms In Abeokuta


The operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have once again been mentioned in an illegal raid as a victim narrates how they barged into their hotel rooms in the middle of the night in Abeokuta.

The victim gave this account via Twitter while responding to a tweet about the recent activities of the anti-graft agency. The user, simply identified as Dorthmean disclosed that his stay at the hotel came to an end on Monday, September 13th, 2021 when the operatives barged into his room, where he was lodged with his newly wedded wife.

He disclosed that they were however left alone when he pointed to their rings to signify that they were new couple. He also added that several rooms were barged into and some doors were damaged as four persons suspected to be internet fraudsters were arrested after the raid.

The tweets read;

“I was in a hotel they busted last Monday in Abeokuta.(HM). All we heard was “gbagbagba, open the door” from the hallway. I had thought it was some lousy boys that went out and now back at 2am banging on d door for access. It dawned on me when d noice didn’t stop. Then d noise increased when they moved towards our door. Then the nock came…”gbagbagba, open the door”. I asked who is that? I peeped in the door hole and saw someone in a red jacket. Before then, my wife had thrown her laptop bag under d bed she insinuated they were robbers 2. Either robbers or not, I thought to myself that I kuku have no other option than to open the door rather than have them force it open. It was latter after they left I found out they actually broke the door to access all the rooms. I earlier wanted to call reception, but waited.

I sha opened the door, it was 3 men, 2 in uniform… I flashed our rings on the table at them “we are a new couple”, I said. Then the men said “Honey moon” sorry o, sorry o… And they left. I was even expecting them to ask for facts beyond our rings and all, but they left. But I kid you not bro! The experience was one kind. The hotel said they haven’t had such experience before. They said they left with their CCTV console.. Infact, it was the first place they went to. I’m still thinking of the best way they should have carried out the action though I heard they left with about 4 guys from the hotel. Thing is this cyber crime kini have become one kind… Their own method of apprehending them now one kind too… Ki olorun ma sho wa.


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