Tinubu appreciates support from ‘friends and well-wishers’

Tinubu appreciates support from ‘friends and well-wishers’

Promise Eze

The president-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, has appreciated those who have given him tremendous support so far.

He made this known in a statement on Sunday. According to Tinubu, Nigerians have “through our electoral process, consolidated our democracy as a nation.”

He also noted that he has been given the mandate to lead the nation for the next four years as its President.

The statement read interalia: “I deeply appreciate the congratulatory messages that have come in from friends and well-wishers from home and abroad. The messages of goodwill and solidarity have been so overwhelming for me to mention you all by name.

“I am particularly grateful to many world leaders from our African neighbours, our friends in The Commonwealth, and from the other parts of the world who welcomed my election with heartwarming messages.

“The support and assurance I have received from the international community is a reminder of the important role Nigeria has in the world and an encouraging sign that the rest of the world remains interested in constructive and beneficial cooperation with the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As President-elect of this great nation, I say thank you.

“To those who have extended the arm of friendship, I offer mine in return. This is a good time to believe in the Nigerian dream; a good time to believe in our renewed hope. The Nigerian eagle shall fly high.”


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