How TB Joshua Allegedly Orchestrated Assassination Attempt on Journalists Exposing His Secrets 30 Years Ago

How TB Joshua Allegedly Orchestrated Assassination Attempt on Journalists Exposing His Secrets 30 Years Ago

Ghazali Ibrahim

Lara Wise, the Deputy Head of Presentation at Africa Independent Television (AIT) and former Special Adviser on Media to a former Deputy Senate President, recently disclosed a chilling revelation about the late TB Joshua. In a Facebook post, she unveiled how the influential church leader allegedly sent hired killers after journalists who exposed his deceitful actions.

TB Joshua, the former leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), passed away on June 6, 2021.

Details about Joshua’s alleged actions were brought to light through Lara’s official Facebook handle, as obtained by Black Box Nigeria.

An earlier investigation documented by the BBC indicated a history of Joshua’s questionable practices, with testimonies from his disciples and workers during his lifetime revealing instances of fake miracles and other dubious activities.

The exposé, published by The News Magazine approximately 30 years ago, garnered widespread attention and necessitated a second edition due to the uncovered facts.

Lara Wise recalled, “The News Magazine did an exclusive on the Synagogue of All Nations church in the ’90s. It was a painstaking investigative report that made the publication’s cover for the week. It took the media house months to unearth. We sold out all copies completely, and if my memory serves me right, the company printed a second edition. The title of the cover story was something like ‘SIN, LIES AND SCANDAL AT THE SYNAGOGUE…’ That was well over 20 years ago.”

However, Lara revealed that the aftermath of the publication posed serious threats to journalists within the media outlet and other organizations, with alleged attempts on their lives.

In a comments section, Lara elaborated on the assassination attempt, stating, “Hired killers, it was a narrow escape. His deputy who later fell out with him confessed to the attempt. The guy left TB Joshua and went to camp with Guru Maharaji till date.”

Supporting Lara’s claim, a man named Babatunde Fasanya commented on Facebook, citing the case of Late Kolawole Olawuyi from the Federal Radio Corporation (Ibadan Studio), who faced repercussions for airing an investigation on TB Joshua in 1991/1992. Fasanya alleged that Olawuyi was dismissed due to his connections with the influential figure, emphasizing the challenges of addressing such issues within societal and religious frameworks.


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