Governor Sanwo-Olu Defies Police Caution with “No Gree For Anyone” Slogan

Governor Sanwo-Olu Defies Police Caution with “No Gree For Anyone” Slogan

Fawaz Adebisi

In defiance of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) warning regarding the usage of the popular slogan, “No Gree For Anybody,” Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu boldly incorporates the slogan in a recent post on X.

The police, on Thursday, cautioned citizens against using the trending 2024 slogan, deeming it dangerous and potentially capable of inciting a crisis across the country.

According to the force, the slogan has been identified as highly perilous and capable of triggering unrest.

Despite the warning, Sanwo-Olu took to his page in the early hours of Friday to share delightful moments with the Super Eagles, whom he hosted before their departure for Abidjan Afcon2023.

In the post, he encouraged the Super Eagles to perform well, urging them not to “gree for anybody.”

He wrote, “I am looking forward to their first match, and the message to them was clear: ‘No gree for anybody.’ Bring home the Nations Cup.”

“No gree for anybody,” a pidgin slogan symbolizing resilience and determination, gained prominence in 2024, saturating the Nigerian social media space in celebration of the new year.

The slogan, embraced by youths and celebrities alike, continues to trend prominently among young Nigerians.


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