Sunday Dare, Sanwo-olu, Bolowotan Inspect Lagos Stadium Ahead Of Under-20 Women World Cup

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Sunday Dare, Sanwo-olu, Bolowotan Inspect Lagos Stadium Ahead Of Under-20 Women World Cup

Lagos State readiness to play host for the upcoming Under-20 Women World Cup was assured on Saturday by Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu.

The assurance was made on Saturday when Sports and Youth Development Minister, Sunday Dare, Governor Sanwo-olu, Deputy Governor, Dr Obafemi Hamzat had a tour around the National Stadium Surulere. The team who defiled the rain were conducted around by the Director General of Lagos State Sports Commission, Hon Gafaar Bolowotan.

The tour around the National Stadium was done despite the heavy rain on Saturday…

The Governor said the State has started to put all facilities required to host the sport fiesta in place ahead of its take off, noting that Lagos would do all within its capacity to give participants a comfort and make their experience rewarding.

Governor Sanwo-olu “Lagos is getting to a state of full preparedness for the Under-20 Women World Cup. We have started to put facilities in place for the event and we need to do more. Some are wondering if we have the capacity and willingness to do it. I said yes; it is for us to turn our talk into action by preparing the sport facilities to be used for the event within the State.

In few months, we will be super ready. We have seen on this pitch that everything is working; we only need to see what other infrastructure we need to bring to all our stadia as soon as possible. We need to see what other uplift and upgrade we need to put up in these places and other training pitches around.”

In his remarks, Sports Minister noted it was his second visit to the stadium for the evaluation of the facility in preparation for the Women World Cup, disclosing that the upgrading exercise embarked on by the Government would turn around the fortunes of the stadium to what Nigerians would be proud.

The Minister said, “The Lagos State Government is a major stakeholder in any process concerning the National Stadium and it is factored in the exercise to upgrade the facility. This process will be accelerated and it would signpost what will happen with other stadia across the country. Today is historical and we will go forward from here to do what is necessary in turning around the stadia. Our transaction advisor and relevant stakeholders will help us to accelerate the process.


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