Spotify Names Olamide  “Most Influential Pop Artiste of His Generation”

Spotify Names Olamide  “Most Influential Pop Artiste of His Generation”


Latiifah Amusan


Spotify, the leading online streaming platform, has declared Nigerian artist Olamide Adedeji, widely known as “Olamide,” as the ‘most influential street pop artiste of his generation.’

The accolade comes amidst the surge of the sub-genre “Street Pop” in Nigeria, gaining momentum and infiltrating mainstream music.

Benewaah Boateng, Spotify’s Editor for West Africa, announced in a statement released on Thursday in Lagos.

She highlighted the remarkable ascent of Street Pop within the Nigerian music scene and credited Olamide for his pivotal role in bringing this sub-genre to the forefront.

“Olamide is the most influential street pop artiste of his generation, consistently praised for his role in elevating Street Pop to mainstream recognition as a distinct music genre.”

She emphasized Olamide’s cultural impact through hit singles like “Eni Duro,” as well as his contributions to popularizing dance styles and street lingos.

Boateng further commended Olamide’s record label, YBNL, for its instrumental role in discovering and nurturing emerging street pop talents in Nigeria.

“This is just the beginning of Street Pop going mainstream, and we cannot wait to see how it continues to grow.”

 Boateng said street pop which originated from a fusion of Afrobeats, Highlife, Hip-hop, Fuji, Apala, indigenous sounds, and contemporary elements has gained prominence for its engaging rhythm, fast-paced beats, and lyrics reflecting the everyday struggles of Nigerians.

She explained that its connection to the harsh realities of Nigerian life is a notable attribute of the genre.

According to Boateng, Olamide secured the ninth spot on the list of top 10 artists in Nigeria, with his recent project, “Unruly,” receiving widespread acclaim.

She highlighted the success of tracks like “Gaza,” which resonated with audiences for its appeal and musical craftsmanship.



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