Social Media Abuzz as Bricklayer Takes Pride in Crafting Mohbad’s Final Resting Place

Social Media Abuzz as Bricklayer Takes Pride in Crafting Mohbad’s Final Resting Place

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The bricklayer responsible for constructing the final resting place of the late notable singer, Mohbad, has expressed his elation and pride in being entrusted with this solemn task.

The burial, which occurred amidst controversy surrounding the singer’s death, has now taken an unexpected turn as the craftsman celebrates his unique role.

Mohbad, a renowned figure in the music industry, was laid to rest on the second day following his demise, which had sparked speculations and debates about the circumstances surrounding his passing.

In the wake of the burial, the bricklayer, whose identity remains undisclosed, took to social media to share his excitement and gratitude for being the one responsible for crafting Mohbad’s grave.

He conveyed his feelings of privilege and awe at the opportunity to be involved in such an important task.

“If dem say na me go do Mohbad burial ground, I go forh o. I no believe say na me go do Mohbad burial ground o. Help me o; I need help. If I blow, it’s not small. I don’t know Mohbad, but I like him,” the artisan exclaimed, revealing his genuine admiration for the late singer.

The bricklayer’s celebration of his involvement in Mohbad’s burial site quickly gained attention online, with many social media users sharing their reactions to his statements.

Some praised his dedication and enthusiasm for his work, while others found it unusual to witness such fervor over the construction of a grave.

damblaise said: “A quick prayer. Lord may my death never be someone’s greatest achievement 💔🤦”

sexykinging wrote: “Na u go dig him out back werey….cus autopsy is really necessary in this case 😢”

kween_tiwalope penned: “Ikorodu people no just get sense 💔cus is this an achievement? Make them help you for what? Give you more burial 🪦 to cement ? Mtchew”

_sueldelioness penned: “Am I the only one who feel this statement is harmless? Though insensitive considering all the controversy surrounding his death and how young he was … but this bricklayer probably never thought he would get the opportunity to build a celebrity’s grave hence this reaction.”

ms__bjay said: “Seems everyone in that ikorodu no normal😢”




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