Mixed Reactions as Businessman Gifts Mohbad’s Wife N2M, Offers Son Scholarship

Mixed Reactions as Businessman Gifts Mohbad’s Wife N2M, Offers Son Scholarship

Latiifah Amusan


Nigerian businessman and Chairman of Almubee Group, Mubarak Abuche, has extended a helping hand to the grieving family of late singer Mohbad.

Amidst the controversy surrounding the singer’s death, Abuche gifted Mohbad’s wife a substantial sum of N2 million and extended an incredible offer of a scholarship for their five-month-old son, covering his education up to the university level.

The gift was a token of comfort from Abuche to the bereaved family, aiming to alleviate their sorrow during these trying times.

Confirming this noble act, a prominent event host known as Big Smart took to Instastory to share that he had personally reached out to Mubarak Abuche, who graciously agreed to provide the financial support.

The cash gift of N2 million was swiftly disbursed to Mohbad’s wife, providing them with some much-needed relief.

This incredible act of kindness towards the late singer’s family has touched the hearts of fans and well-wishers of Mohbad.

Social media has been abuzz with appreciation for Mubarak Abuche, the Chairman of Almubee Group, for his compassion and generosity during a time of grief.

Furthermore, as a remarkable gesture towards the future of the family, Mubarak Abuche has offered a scholarship that will see Mohbad’s five-month-old son through his educational journey up to university.

This scholarship is not only a financial lifeline but also a symbol of hope for a brighter future.

Netizens across various social media platforms have reacted with overwhelming gratitude, applauding Mubarak Abuche for his benevolence. 

Naza Okafor wrote, “Thank you for the money oo, but you for start with primary/secondary school scholarship firs just saying oo.”

Official Starlette wrote, “Why all the fake love? Mohbad’s wife tells Una say she needs money. Nobody came through for him now he’s no more y’all are sending money SMH.”

Ese Okogba wrote, “Thank God! This woman should take her baby and just leave this country.”

Europe opined, “Anything done for this lady or the son should be in private before the family starts another drama.”



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