Sharon’s Diary: Episode 5

Sharon’s Diary: Episode 5

Elsie Udoh

Dear Diary,

Bode is such a darling. Can you believe that he stylishly called Mofe and squeezed the sum of 2k in her palms telling her to give it to me saying that I will understand and that he was sorry?

I never expected it. My first thought was to refuse the money, especially with Mofe’s teasing but I knew better – I did not find ‘shishi’ amongst my stuff.

Anyways, I got the rice already and as expected, mom complained about my long hours outside. Trust me to come up with a very pitiable cock and bull story. The best part is that I don’t have to do the cooking. Mofe couldn’t get past it this time even after she threatened to tell mom about the money I received (I told her he refunded a loan and she kept quiet defeatedly).

For the first time in a long time, I actually feel like a firstborn. I’m lying on my bed, writing to you, thinking about my Bode while my siblings scurry around, handling the chores. How satisfying!

Argh! Mom is calling me already. I can’t even have a me-time in this house.

Till later jare diary.

In case you missed the last episode of Sharon’s Diary, read it here.


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