Sharon’s Diary: ‘A romantic meeting with Bode’

Sharon’s Diary: ‘A romantic meeting with Bode’

Elsie Udoh

Ha! You won’t believe what happened today, diary.

So, I stumbled on Bode in the most romantic way ever. You know those scenes that happen in Indian movies where the actor bumps into the actress and books go flying in the air, then they bend to pick the books up at the same time and knock heads against each other, afterwards, their hands meet in the process of picking the books up and they start to blush, looking at each other like mumu? I experienced it today o, diary.

Let me tell you how it happened.

Story story, so my mom sent me on an errand to buy 3 dericas of rice. I have five younger siblings yet I’m the errand girl. Anyways, that’s a story for another day.

So I went out to get the rice and on returning to the compound, I remembered that I wanted to check on my Bode.

I looked up to make sure that my mom wasn’t standing on the balcony upstairs then hurriedly walked towards his flat.

Now, there’s a bend leading to his flat which I approached in a haste and immediately after I took the turn, I collided heavily with someone. Emphasis on the heavily because my rice fell to the ground and the nylon it was in burst open. I cursed out loud as I bent to salvage my rice wahala.

In the process, I hit my head against this person so hard that my eyes turned red immediately. I was just about to vent my anger and frustration when I looked up and found out that my Bode was my antagonist.

I just stayed there staring at him like a mumu that I didn’t even notice the weird smile I had plastered on my face until Bode tapped my arm and brought me back to life. I stood up angrily (I was actually angry about the rice) and was about to walk away but Bode reached out for my hand, apologising.

If you see the way I blushed ehn, but based on the fact that I’m a hard girl, I just shoved his hands away and then snuck upstairs.

I’m still blushing like a child that received a sweet candy now though even with the serious problem I have at hand. If mommy knows I’m back without the rice, she will kill me.

I just couldn’t wait to share what happened with you. Let me get back to rummaging my things looking for money to buy the rice before mom finds out.

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