Sex Toys Linked to Diabetes, Nervous System Damage, Scientists Raise Alarm

Sex Toys Linked to Diabetes, Nervous System Damage, Scientists Raise Alarm

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Scientists have identified sex toys as a potential threat to health, linking them to metabolic disorders, immune disruption, and nervous system damage.

New research which was carried out by Duke University and Appalachian State University Indicates that micro-plastic particles found in sex toys can enter the bloodstream, leading to conditions such as diabetes.

The study, which focused on various sex toy types including anal toys, beads, dual vibrators, and external vibrators, ranked them in order of micro-and-nano-plastic release.

Shockingly, anal toys were found to release the highest number of particles, followed by beads, dual vibrators, and external vibrators.

Lead author Dr. Joana Sipe emphasized the urgency of investigating these risks for public health protection.

The study discovered that sex toys also contain phthalates, known to affect hormone levels, with concentrations exceeding US consumer warnings.

Dr. Sipe stated, “We assert that investigations into whether the risk scenarios are similar in sex toys are prudent for public health protection.”

These findings come amidst a growing awareness of the risks associated with various everyday products, such as plastic food packaging, chopping boards, and even Teflon-coated pans, all releasing microplastics.


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